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  • Whether you’re looking to expand your career prospects, you’ve just accepted your dream job or just looking for a change of pace, chances are you’ve already begun planning for the exciting-yet-agonizing process of moving to another city.
  • While it may seem tempting and downright obligatory to take advantage of everything Miami has to offer, it’s crucial that you remember to stay focused on the most important aspect – your career.
  • Do you find yourself spending an unhealthy amount of time at your desk each day, dreaming about your next vacation? If so, it might be time for you to consider finding a job that allows (and pays) you to travel frequently.
  • We’ve compiled a guide to some of the most popular colleges in the Miami area, and ultimately, we hope to help make your decision a little easier when the time comes.
  • It comes to nobody’s surprise that bilingual job candidates are hot commodities in today’s globalized market. To employers, bilingual employees are invaluable in bridging the communication gap between multicultural audiences. And to job seekers, fluency in a second language opens a world of uniqu...
  • Moving to a new city is an incredibly exciting and rewarding transition, but at the same time, it can be intimidating starting fresh in an unfamiliar place. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have already formed a couple of connections before making the big move. Maybe you are feeling lost because yo...
  • Whether you were slacking on the job or simply laid off due to budget cuts, getting fired can be difficult. The loss of a career can be hard to grieve but the time afterwards is vital. Here is some advice on how to bounce back from being fired.
  • With the fluctuating job market and increasing demand for top talent, going straight into a graduate program seems like a no-brainer. But what if you’d be better off spending that time gaining valuable work experience instead?
  • White sand beaches, culturally diverse restaurants, art and food, and a growing job market. If you read the latest article “Why You Should Be Working in Miami” and suddenly you are ready to pick up and relocate to this tropical paradise we do not blame you! However, job-searching when you are sti...
  • A cultural melting pot intertwined with delectable cuisine, white-sand beaches, a thriving art scene, and a booming job market, Miami certainly does not disappoint. Whether you are a millennial, fresh out of college and looking to begin your career in one of the most exhilarating, face-paced citi...
  • The class of 2016 at the University of Miami has more to look forward to than final exams and graduation parties; they can also expect to enter a strong job market.
  • Searching for employment can be maddening, especially when employers tell you time and again that you need more experience. Here are a few guidelines on how to win the war against the “prior experience” struggle in Miami.
  • As you begin a new job there are a few mistakes you can avoid that will help you make a great first impression and get off on the right foot.