109 E Church St
United States

Tel: (855) 294-0940

Email: info@wheelzy.com

About Wheelzy

Wheelzy is the most trusted online car buyer, operating nationwide. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best way to sell a car, anywhere. Our friendly team members can help you sell a car quickly and for a competitive price.

Wheelzy is located right in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. We are always growing as a company and looking for motivated individuals, like you, to join our team in doing amazing things!

Each day is different at Wheelzy, because we’re always innovating new ways to make work fun and rewarding. Weekly competitions? You bet. Playing coffee flip cup in the morning? Of course, it’s the best way to start the day. Free lunch provided by Wheelzy? You can count on it every single Friday!

While our office is awesome, our team members are really what makes the environment at Wheelzy so special. Being surrounded by the brightest, most talented, and hard working people every day is inspiring. Wheelzy cares about every team member not only growing in our company, but developing skills and growing as an individual.

Whether you’re racing across rainbows in Mario Kart tournaments, cheering on your favorite team in our fantasy football league, destroying someone in a ping pong competition, or enjoying fresh coffee on our balcony with a panoramic downtown view, you will find that we value work and life balance as much as we do our team members and their growth.

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