Vendor Relationship Analyst

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company
Boca Raton, Florida
$50,000 - $74,999
Mar 31, 2021
Apr 26, 2021

Position Summary:

The position is responsible for the daily monitoring of vendors, which includes monitoring queries, executing queries, and reconciling data to ensure that jobs are processed within the defined Service Level Agreements.

Essential Functions:

  • Monitors the performance of vendor partners.  Monitoring will include running a series of queries daily and reconciliation to ensure that items sent to vendors for processing and/or printing are in fact processed in the source system.
  • Create select statements in SQL to pull data from various databases to reconcile data and ensure vendor activities within service levels.
  • Review and reconciliation of operational reports provided by vendors to ensure that work is being processed within the defined service level agreements.
  • Review queries and reconciliation performed by other vendors to ensure they are performing agreed to work daily.
  • Maintenance of a log of all monitoring and reconciliation items that will be updated daily to ensure that vendor management is being performed on a consistent basis.
  • Documentation of processes to gain an understanding of the services that the vendors provide and the daily monitoring and reconciliation that must take place.
  • Performing follow-up with vendors on any outstanding or overdue tasks.
  • Escalation to management of any issues where vendors are not performing tasks and/or meeting the required service level agreements.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Computer Science, MIS, Mathematics or related field or a combination of education and relevant work experience
  • 2 years' prior experience in the homeowner's insurance industry preferred.
  • Knowledge of SQL for select statements and simple table joins. 
  • Excellent computer skills with experience using MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), MS SQL, Visio
  • Must possess the ability to troubleshoot and apply logic to solve business problems and a willingness to dig into the details to ensure the appropriate approach and best use of company resources.
  • Must have excellent organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and assignments.
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must have excellent presentation skills

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