Creative Ways to Present Your Resume

As the unemployment rate has significantly decreased in recent years, it has not boded well for Millennials. As reported by Generation Opportunity, young adults between the ages of 18-29 are experiencing an unemployment rate of 8 percent, as compared to the more moderate 3.7 percent for Americans over 29 years old. This results in a more competitive job market. With this in mind, Millennials and job seekers alike need to present their work experience in more creative ways. Here are a few examples of unique resumes that may help you land the job.

2. Print it on a shirt.

resume shirtAlways on the go and looking to go green? Then print your experience on a t-shirt. Your resume can be permanently on your back and on display for all to see.  

Suggested for: Everyone

2. Make a video.

This is the best way to get your personality across to your potential employers. Make sure that it is precise and clear but shows your determination and creativity. It is easy to find examples for inspiration online, so be ready to show your smile and professionalism.

Suggested for: Filmmakers, Actors, and Customer Service Professionals

3. Make a Vine.

For the brave, you can even try to sell yourself in six seconds by making a Vine video. This is useful when buzzwords become an integral part of the application. Quick and precise, it takes the video resume to the next level.

Suggested for: Musicians, Radio Personalities, and Journalists 

4. Create an online portfolio.

Skip carrying the heavy portfolio book and present everything digitally. This can be done through website hosts that allow you to display your best projects online. By doing so, you cannot only curate your own work but describe the creative process along the way.

Suggested for: Graphic Designers, Photographers, and Artists

5. Design an interactive resume.

Engaging your future employer is key and by creating a resume that is interactive you are able to show your skills through application. Such examples of this can include making a game out of your experience or mocking your favorite sales site to sale yourself.

Suggested for: Designers and Programmers

6. Create an infographic.

Infographics take text and numbers to create a visual display of data. By making an infographic resume, you are able to create a visual story of your past experiences. This is useful when you want to grab the attention of an HR manager who has just sifted through hundreds of applications. Using the images to engage the recipient, you are able to present the main points in an effective manner.

Suggested for: Statisticians and Researchers

7. Package it.

Send your future employers a small care package with your resume covering the box. Take this a step further and include something inside the packaging—like chocolates. This will connect your awesome cooking skills to your brand and will surely impress any sweet tooth.

Suggested for: Chefs, Advertising Professionals, and Product Designers

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