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Deemed the “Magic City”, Miami is known for its ability to grow overnight. The Miami Herald considers the city as one of the nation’s fastest growing areas, with the tri-county region the eighth most populace region in the country. Current predictions believe that the job seeker of 2016 will be entering a strong job market in Miami due to “strong population growth, well-developed infrastructure and deep international linkages.” So with this positive outlook, how can you become part of Miami’s strengthening job market?

1. Update your resume.

Your resume is a catalog of your work experience and lets future employers understand your professional character. If you were recently fired or have been out of the job hunt for a while, updating your resume can be an arduous task. However, most people just need to add their last job to the list and maybe bring their computer skills up-to-date. Just make sure that your LinkedIn profile matches your resume, as the two should remain identical. And while you are at it, maybe modernize that sheet of paper. Here are some unique ways to present yourself to future employers.

2. Search out the big dogs.

Larger companies tend have more job openings due to their size. So the best place to start your job hunt would be with the largest employers in Miami. Investigate whether these industry leaders are seeking candidates like you and begin applying. Currently the biggest employer on our site is the University of Miami with over 960 jobs listed. While they are seeking educators and librarians, they are also looking for research analysts and painters. Most industry giants, like UM, need individuals with many different career backgrounds to keep their company moving.

3. Get to know your network.

LinkedIn is a great resource that can help you land the job of your dreams. With its easy to use search engine and geographic filters, it is easy to find old classmates, ex-colleagues, and future co-workers in the Miami area. Look to see if your connections are associated with the companies that you wish to work for and reach out to them. Also, don’t be afraid to connect with your university’s alumni network, as most are happy to help those of their own.

4. Put yourself out there.

Many industries in the area host professional organizations and charity functions. The Chamber of Commerce is always a good starting place. This is a great opportunity to put yourself out in the professional community and connect with those in your industry. Some of these groups even host classes to help expand your repertoire and get to know more in your field.

5. Use effectively.

Job search engines are the easiest and fastest solution to finding your next career. Our site strives to get the job done effectively and efficiently. By creating custom job alerts, you can be notified when the right job is open for business. You can also directly upload your resume to site, so that future employers can come to you. The world is going digital, and the Internet is becoming the world’s biggest job fair. Using our site can put you ahead of the pack by directly connecting with Miami’s local employers, and showing that you are not only qualified, but that you thrive in the digital age.

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