Fun in the Sun Jobs

Working on the beach

Want to work on your tan and get paid too? Here is a list of jobs in which you can enjoy our beautiful Miami weather while doing something that you love.

1. Construction Manager

Most managers work from a field office preparing and negotiating cost estimates but a majority of the job takes place outside. As the head personnel on the comings-and-goings onsite, their key responsibility is to supervise the construction of their projects and to work closely with their architects and engineers.

2. Landscape Architect

A profession that reaches easily into the public and private sectors, these architects are the masterminds of our local parks, urban farms, and green roofs. Much like Construction Managers, they work closely with their engineers and building architects to coordinate proposed land features. With this job, there is a good balance of work indoors and outdoors.

3. Surveyor

Determining the boundaries for land, air, and water, easily exposes you to the sun on a daily basis. Surveyors help map out new construction projects and settle property line disputes. Aside from data assessments and legal proceedings, their office remains mostly outdoors.

4. Lifeguard


With 533 square miles of coastline, Miami-Dade is a perfect county to be a lifeguard. Whether you are monitoring our beautiful beaches or our world-class hotel pools, this job is perfect for those who love the sun and the water.

5. Environmental Scientist

Concerned about our state’s environment and deteriorating ecosystem? Look into the becoming an environmental scientist, in which you will monitor the environmental conditions of the area. While working outdoors, they try to solve our growing pollution and water contamination problems. And if you dream spending your days in the water, consider becoming part of a sub-section of the environmental sciences—Marine Biology.

6. Pest Control Technicians

Not the first position to come to mind on this list, but these technicians mainly work outdoors. They are responsible for controlling your pesky pest issues through the proper mixing and applying of chemicals and identifying the root of your problems.

7. Archaeologist

Many conjure up the image of Indiana Jones when they hear this job, but most archaeologists don’t work in the dusty pyramids of Egypt. Most are hired by federal governments after construction has begun on a project (ex. new roads) that has hit a potentially protected site. They are in charge of assessing the land and the artifacts found, to determine whether the project can continue. Most all excavations remain outside, keeping you away from a desk and sedentary working conditions.

8. Cruise Director

Cruise Captain Hat

With over 50 jobs on our site, Carnival is one of the nation’s biggest cruise lines that calls Miami home. Next to the captain, the Cruise director is the head honcho. As a floating hotel, the director is in charge of the passengers’ welfare and comfort. They are also responsible for coordinating the many activities on board and of course, the staff. While making their rounds, they are also privy to enjoying the sun on the decks of the ship.

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