How To Gain Experience If No One Will Hire Me?

Searching for employment can be maddening, especially when employers tell you time and again that you need more experience.  Here are a few guidelines on how to win the war against the “prior experience” struggle in Miami.










1. Power of a Cover Letter

A compelling cover letter can have a great influence over a hiring manager. This is your chance to shine a light on your skills that are directly applicable to the position you are applying for.  Do not use a generic letter for ALL of the jobs you are interested in. Find a way to prove that your prior experience and education will translate to success in the workplace.  The goal of a cover letter is to convince whoever is reading it that you are worth an interview!

2.  There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Match

 Many people get caught up in making sure they possess every qualification before applying for a position. Don’t get me wrong there are always certain skills that are warranted for a job, but many times achievements in other areas can cover up for limitations in direct experience.  The key is highlighting your strengths in your resume and cover letter.

3. Personality Goes A Long Way

If you are lacking in experience but manage to land an interview, your personality can carry a lot of weight.  For example your professionalism and follow-through speak volumes to the hiring manager. Being on-time to the interview, having a friendly demeanor, and sending a thank you note or email after the interview can have a huge influence on the next steps in your hiring process.

4. Uniqueness

What makes you different from the other 50 candidates applying for this position in Miami?  Many times the person who is hired does not meet every guideline in the job description, but did manage to make a connection with the interviewer.  Find what makes you distinctive. Maybe it is your work with a non-profit organization or your love of learning and attending continuing education conferences. For example if you have lived in the Miami area for a long time and have relationships with business leaders, highlight your networking skills and potential connections. Whatever it may be it is imperative that you highlight these noteworthy traits every step of the interview process.

At the end of the day landing a job is about getting the company enthusiastic about what you can add to their establishment. Figure out in your mind what makes you a great match for this position and work on selling yourself in the cover letter, resume, and interview. There are thousands of positions in Miami, it is all about finding the one that you fit best with.

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