I’m Quitting My Job & Moving to Miami

White sand beaches, culturally diverse restaurants, art and food, and a growing job market. If you read the latest article “Why You Should Be Working in Miami” and suddenly you are ready to pick up and relocate to this tropical paradise we do not blame you! However, job-searching when you are still employed can be a tricky matter.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to make it easier:

1. Stay off social media  social

It is an easy mistake to make, but the last thing you want to happen is your boss seeing your Facebook post: “Can’t wait to get hired so I can finally leave this crummy job!” Be respectful and keep your job-search to yourself!

2. Not on company time

Even more embarrassing than a social media blunder is to be caught job-searching on company time. Use after-hours to conduct your search. Wake up an hour earlier and apply for positions before you even arrive to work.

3. Do not let your work suffer

YOU HAVE A JOB ALREADY! Make sure you are keeping up with the tasks and responsibilities of the position you currently hold. Even if you are positive you are going to move onto bigger and better opportunities do not let your work slip-up. You may need management as a reference at some point, or even crazier you may just decide to stay. Put your best foot forward every day no matter what your status is.

4. Interview during non work hours

When setting up an interview, take into consideration the stage of the interview process and how serious you are about committing to the possibility of a new job.meet and greet For example, if it is a first round phone interview, your lunch hour would be a perfect time for that preliminary call to take place.  However, if you are in the last phases of the process and you have a meet-and-greet at the potential employers, it would be smart and courteous to use a vacation day so no one’s time is compromised. 

5. Stay Positive

Interviewing while employed can have an adulterous feeling. It is as if you are cheating on your spouse. With that being said, do not take aim at your current employer. Bashing your workplace is not advantageous. If the subject is introduced, be polite and find something complimentary to say about your current circumstance.

So as you are dreaming about your new life in Miami and searching for the job that will make that dream come true, keep these few tips in mind and hopefully it will be smooth sailing all the way to South Beach!

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