Miami Employers Let You Know The Top 5 Mistakes New Employees Should Avoid

As you begin a new job there are a few mistakes you can avoid that will help you make a great first impression and get off on the right foot.


Arriving Late

Such a little thing that makes a big difference. You are no longer able to sneak in the back of a classroom 10 minutes late and go unnoticed. Punctuality is important, you do not want tardiness to become part of your reputation. It is always best to leave early to avoid traffic issues, or unforeseen circumstances.

Dressing Too Casual

Dress to impress. Appearance isn’t everything, although it has the ability to tip the scale one way or another. It is the most visible way to prove to your boss that you get it! When in doubt observe how colleagues dress during the first couple of weeks and always error on the side of conservative than casual.

Being Too Confident

It is most certainly important to be proactive when starting a new job; however being over confident could give off an air of arrogance. Since this is your first job be open to learning from others and developing the strengths you already have. Take the reins and show initiative, but do not assume you know everything. 

Not Being Polite

Something you learned in kindergarten can make an impact on your employment today! Say please and thank you. People who feel appreciated are more likely to go out of their way to help you again. Good manners builds your credibility as a professional and makes you easier to work with and work for.


If you waited to the last minute to do a project in college you were the only one who suffered the consequences. At work your procrastination effects the other people on your team and the company as a whole. Long-term procrastination can cause you to miss out on promotions or even worse risk the loss of your job.

While a new job can be intimidating avoiding these red flags will make the transition smoother and set you up for success.

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