Miami’s Career Landscape: Healthcare

The healthcare sector is the largest industry in the US and is always in high demand. With roughly one quarter of the population over the age of 55, the medical industry has become an important staple of the Miami-Dade community. Yet, there is currently a shortage of healthcare professionals throughout the country and South Florida.

With the initiation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the demand for physicians has been on the rise, while the supply is severely lacking. This has caused the primary-care system in Miami to be flooded with newly insured patients, with limited healthcare professionals to keep the industry running. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges there is a projected shortage of 130,600 doctors by 2025. Luckily the area is seeing a rise in employment.

As the economy has been steadily rising since 2010, hospitals have only just begun to feel these earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hospital sector has increased its hiring by 7.04% in the last six years. Miami alone has seen this employment triple since 2014. Local PNC economist, Mekael Teshome, believes that Miami’s medical career landscape is “where the big opportunities are”.

Currently, has over one thousand medical positions posted on their site. According to the Sun Sentinel, the largest number of job openings in South Florida are in the medical sector. Of the top ten largest employers in Miami, four hospitals made the list. In addition, the companies with the most job openings include Baptist Health South Florida and Miami’s Children’s Hospital. Jackson Health System will soon be on this list, as they plan to add a dozen more urgent care centers to the community within the next year. They also maintain the nation’s third largest hospital, Jackson Memorial which is also a teaching hospital in partnership with the University of Miami.



The Miller School of Medicine lies in the heart of Miami’s health district, which is the second largest of its kind in the country. Within this neighborhood, you can find 6 hospitals, various specialty care centers, and the University of Miami’s Life Sciences and Technology Park. As the park continues its expansion, it plans to become a collaborative space for faculty, students, scientists, and entrepreneurs alike. Mixing the private and public sectors, the park is campaigning to become host to large medical corporations.


Currently many pharmaceutical, biosciences, and medical companies call Miami home. Beckman Coulter, BD Biosciences, Cordis, and Merck have chosen the city due to its reputation as an up-and-coming healthcare king of the South.   

With new facilities being built and new schools of medicine being established, Miami is a hub of activity in the medical field.

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