The Best University of Miami Majors for the 2016 Job Market

The class of 2016 at the University of Miami has more to look forward to than final exams and graduation parties; they can also expect to enter a strong job market.

South Florida’s economy is expected to perform above average for 2016, meaning tons of opportunities abound for soon-to-be college grads. According to a recent report, some of the main factors driving economic development are strong population growth, well-developed infrastructure and deep international linkages.

Whether you’re on track to graduate this May or entering U of M as a freshman this fall, your chosen major could determine the number of available opportunities in Miami’s flourishing job market. These are some of the top U of M majors that can guarantee the most jobs after graduation:

Real Estate

With the construction industry booming in South Florida, job opportunities within the real estate industry are poised to experience substantial growth. real estateUniversity of Miami’s school of Business Administration offers an undergraduate program in real estate, which builds on real estate development and new urbanism concepts, while maintaining a strong emphasis on quantitative methods in finance.

  • Potential career paths include: Construction manager, real estate developer, real estate appraiser and commercial lender.


The growth of financial services in South Florida is about four times faster than the country’s average, making the decision of choosing a major in finance relatively easy. Like the real estate undergraduate program, the finance program is nestled within the School of Business Administration, with an academic emphasis on three primary areas of finance: Financial management, investments, and financial markets and intermediaries.


The job outlook for those with law degrees is definitely on the rise, with bar admissions up three percent since 2014. Because the outlook for professional and business services have been on the rise in Miami, demand for legal services has increased—especially for businesses who work with Latin America. lawU of M offers a comprehensive pre-law program through the College of Arts and Sciences, including an FAQ page and information on navigating through the LSATs.

  • Potential education paths lead to obtaining a J.D. or LL.M. degree after completing an undergraduate program, and career paths could include: Literary agent, policy analyst, litigation attorney and paralegal.

Business Technology

Did you know that Miami was named one of five cities predicted to be the next Silicon Valley tech hub by Forbes? While U of M doesn’t currently offer degrees in the computer sciences, students can still take advantage of Miami tech opportunities with a major in business technology. As one of the newer programs offered at the University, the business technology degree is based on the need to instruct future IT professionals through a set of methodologies for managing information in a progressively digital landscape.

  • Potential career paths include: Business technology consultant, business analyst and computer systems analyst.

Although the job landscape is ever-changing, one thing proves to be certain: Arming yourself with the latest economic information, and choosing your academics wisely, can make it far easier to stay afloat in South Florida’s competitive market.

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