The Central Florida Employment Outlook Identifies Significant Employers Spending In the Search For Top Talent

The 2022 Central Florida Employment Outlook

The 2022 Central Florida Employment Outlook revealed post-Covid hiring issues affecting companies in almost every sector. surveyed one-hundred-thirty-four employers covering nineteen sectors and one-hundred-twelve-thousand employees. 

Significant findings from the Central Florida Employment Outlook (June 2022) include:

  1. Video interviewing is Here to Stay
  2. Employers Spending More Recruiting Dollars for 50% Fewer Applications
  3. 34% of Employers Now Have a Hybrid Work Model vs. 22% pre-Covid
  4. Finding Qualified Talent, Wage Wars, & Remote Worker Issues Are The Top 3 Recruiting Issues.
  5. The Job description Must Include Clear Health & Safety Policies.

The survey also found:

  • A total of 18,254 (eighteen-thousand-two-hundred-fifty-four) jobs are currently open within the 134 (one-hundred-thirty-four) surveyed companies, with another 27,211 (twenty-seven-thousand-two-hundred-eleven) jobs forecasted in the last three quarters of 2022 (Twenty-twenty-two).
  • 97%(ninety-seven) of companies plan on hiring at least one person in 2022 (Twenty-twenty-two). 
  • Top industries hiring in Central Florida are healthcare, trade skills, sales (all industries), hospitality, construction, logistics, professional services, and education. 

"No doubt about it, the pandemic has allowed job seekers to reevaluate their career paths. It is putting pressure on already maxed out human resource departments," cautions Lear - President of "Employers are losing workers to remote jobs, higher-paying jobs, and jobs that offer their work-life balance employment policies upfront. Our hospitality industry sees some companies offering $17.00 (seventeen dollars) for no experience and $2,000 (two-thousand dollars) signing bonuses for line cooks. Many employers can't compete." 


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